5 Ways to Save Money on Moving Home in Australia

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5 Ways to Save Money on Moving Home in Australia

Moving home in the Sutherland Shire can be an exciting process, leaving the area you currently live in represents a great chance to discover new places, new people and having that bit of change that we all need to make life interesting. But as good it might seem, it can also get really stressful. Looking for places, talking to agencies, organizing schedules and managing money start to bother more and more as the moving deadline approaches. We can help you with that last part so you can take care of the rest, so here’s 5 ways to save money on your move:             

Get rid of unessential items: 

Before packaging, take a detailed look at all the things in your house, and think about which ones you really need or use, and which are just occupying space. Things you are not going to keep can be sold on the internet, or a yard sale, and get you some extra money. Or if you’re feeling like it, you can donate them to charity and help someone who needs it. We also recommend you to do this once or twice a year (even if you’re not moving), so you don’t accumulate unnecessary items, and maintain an organized home.

Keep some of the essentials as well: 

While moving, getting rid of things may be useful, but keeping other things may also help. Keeping clothes hangers, cleaning and kitchen utensils can be a great help since they don’t occupy that much space and are not hard transport, and buying new ones can represent serious investment.

Look for free moving boxes first: 

The more stuff you need to move, the more money you will have to spend on boxes. How can you avoid that? Go to your local grocery store, your office or university and look for empty boxes. Those kinds of places usually have lots of them, and most of them go straight to the landfill, so most establishments will give you the boxes for free. 

If not your local removalist will be able to supply you with moving boxes and often you can sell them back to the movers!

Try with a little moving help from your friends:

You know what they say, good friends are there in sickness, health and moving. Ask your friends and family to help you move instead of hiring someone to do it.

Allow yourself one “prize”: 

When you get to your new home, you’ll probably want to make yourself as comfortable as possible, and get everything you wanted to have at your previous house, but never got to have. Thinking that way, people start buying pretty specific items like a waffle maker, a massaging couch, a pinball machine and that kind of thing. Allow yourself to buy only one of those items, kind of as a way to celebrate your new place. After some time, you’ll see if those other things you wanted were really a good idea, or just a “new house whim”.

As small as it may seem, doing things like these can help you save small amounts of money that at the end represent an important saving, that you can later invest in your new place to make it your dream home (or at least a nice place to be until you find your dream home).

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